New Home Subdivision Database

Belfiore Real Estate Consulting offers web-based database products that allow you to track communities throughout the State of Arizona with just a click of the mouse. Data on every Metro Phoenix, Metro Tucson, and Northern Arizona subdivision is updated at least every two months and available to subscribers within 7 days of the collection date. Query results can be downloaded into one of several Belfiore-designed reports, a spreadsheet, or a .kml file.

Accessible data included in our database:

  • Name and location of actively selling new home subdivisions in Maricopa County and most areas of Pinal County, Arizona. Location information includes GPS coordinates, cross-streets, and sales office addresses.
  • The date each subdivision opened, as well as the date of the most recent survey conducted at each project.
  • The total number of units within each subdivision and the number of units remaining within each subdivision.
  • The total number of sales in each subdivision, as well as the monthly sales rate within each subdivision since the subdivision’s inception and since the last survey conducted in the previous calendar year.
  • Monthly Closing and Permit activity by subdivision.
  • Closing Price of last closing by floorplan.
  • Bedroom, bathroom, garage, and floor counts for each floorplan offered in each subdivision currently.
  • Identification of Top Selling Floorplan in each Subdivision.
  • Base pricing, net new home pricing (based on Belfiore Real Estate Consulting’s valuation of incentives offered), net inventory home pricing, and “actual” inventory home pricing (where applicable and available) for homes currently offered within each subdivision.
  • A 12-month history of base pricing within each subdivision.
  • Detailed information on the incentives offered within each subdivision, as well as a Belfiore Real Estate Consulting’s valuation of average incentives offered in each subdivision.
  • Speculative inventory counts for each subdivision.
  • KML Downloads, Auto-Populating into Mapping Programs like Google Earth®.
  • Total Finished and Partially Finished Lots in Active and Inactive Subdivisions Throughout Metro Phoenix.
  • Land/lot sales comparison data.
  • And, Much, Much More!

No other subdivision database product offers the power and quality of data provided in our New Home Subdivision Database. And, best of all, database access is priced to sell – well below the most comparable database products.