Custom Market Feasibility Studies

Our flagship product is its Custom Market Feasibility Study. In the studies, Belfiore digs into the details of your project, with identification and analyses of the market risks associated with your project. The competitive landscape is analyzed, as is the buyer profile, amenities, locational positives and negatives, and the driving factors for the project’s success.

Custom studies are “custom” because the research that goes into each is tailored to the needs of a specific client. Each custom report includes:

  • An in-depth analysis of the Metropolitan Area, Region, Submarket, and Competitive Market Area
  • Resident and buyer detail, including in-depth demographic and psychographic data
  • A “fresh” analysis of competitive projects with up-to-date data in tables and graphs
  • Buyer profile analyses…information on who buyers are, their interests, where they work, commuting information…what is driving their purchasing decision
  • Various maps showing market areas discussed in the report and the location of the Property relative to competition
  • The latest KnowledgeBase Current and Future Market Conditions Insight publication (for Phoenix metro area reports)
  • Product, pricing, and absorption forecasts/conclusions for the subject property