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Belfiore Real Estate Consulting is a full service residential market research firm, offering a variety of residential data and analyses. From a web-based New Home Subdivision Database and KnowledgeBase publications to Custom Asset Management Reports and Market Feasibility Studies, BREC has the research solution to keep your firm “in-the-know”. For more detailed information on any product or to gain access to our extensive database please contact us by phone 480-706-1002.

New Home Subdivision Database

BREC’s latest product offering is a web-based data product in which subscribers can query subdivision level data with a few clicks of a mouse. Data on every Phoenix and Tucson Metro Area subdivision is updated at least every two months, and inputed within seven days of the collection date. Query results can be downloaded into one of several BREC-designed reports or into the spreadsheet program of choice.

Some of the data accessible in the database includes:

  • Name and location of actively selling new home subdivisions in Maricopa County and most areas of Pinal County, Arizona. Location information includes GPS coordinates, cross-streets, and sales office addresses.
  • The date each subdivision opened, as well as the date of the most recent BREC survey conducted at each project.
  • The total number of units within each subdivision and the number of units remaining within each subdivision.
  • The total number of sales in each subdivision, as well as the monthly sales rate within each subdivision since the subdivision’s inception and since the last survey conducted in the previous calendar year.
  • Monthly Closing and Permit activity by subdivision.
  • Closing Price of last closing by floorplan.
  • Bedroom, bathroom, garage, and floor counts for each floorplan offered in each subdivision currently.
  • Identification of Top Selling Floorplan in each Subdivision.
  • Base pricing, net new home pricing (based on BREC’s valuation of incentives offered), net inventory home pricing, and “actual” inventory home pricing (where applicable and available) for homes currently offered within each subdivision.
  • A 12-month history of base pricing within each subdivision.
  • Detailed information on the incentives offered within each subdivision, as well as a BREC’s valuation of average incentives offered in each subdivision.
  • Speculative inventory counts for each subdivision.
  • KML Downloads, Auto-Populating into Mapping Programs like Google Earth®.
  • Total Finished and Partially Finished Lots in Active and Inactive Subdivisions Throughout Metro Phoenix.
  • And, Much, Much More!

No other subdivision database product offers the power and quality of data provided in BREC’s New Home Subdivision Database. And, best of all, database access is priced for to sell - well below the most comparable database products.

Custom Market Feasibility Studies

BREC’s flagship product is its Custom Market Feasibility Study. In the studies, BREC digs into the details of your project, with identification and analyses of the market risks associated with your project. The competitive landscape is analyzed, as is the buyer profile, amenities, locational positives and negatives, and the driving factors for the project’s success.

Custom studies are “custom” because the research that goes into each is tailored to the needs of a specific client. Each custom report includes:

  • An in-depth analysis of the Metropolitan Area, Region, Submarket, and Competitive Market Area
  • A “fresh” analysis of competitive projects with up-to-date data in tables and graphs
  • Buyer profile analyses…information on who buyers are, their interests, where they work, commuting information…what is driving their purchasing decision
  • Various maps showing market areas discussed in the report and the location of the Property relative to competition
  • The latest KnowledgeBase Current and Future Market Conditions Insight publication (for Phoenix metro area reports)
  • Product, pricing, and absorption forecasts / conclusions for the subject property

Consumer Research

Belfiore Real Estate Consulting can add another layer of research to your studies: Consumer Research. We poll customers to find out what they are seeking or why they have made a particular purchase decision. Consumer research can be conducted in a variety of ways, including:

  • Exit interviews at existing builder sales offices. Belfiore Real Estate Consulting has a Team of trained Consumer Researchers that it places outside of builder sales offices to ask buyers questions related to the feasibility of the project it is studying. Belfiore Real Estate Consulting has partnerships with several home builders that allow it to utilize their sales offices when conducting research.
  • Surveying recent purchasers. Belfiore Real Estate Consulting contacts recent buyers in a particular residential area to find out why they purchased a home when and where they purchased.
  • Open surveying. Belfiore Real Estate Consulting conducts “open” surveys to determine what “at-large” residents want in a new community, what their perceptions are, and what might drive future purchasing decisions.

The integration of consumer research into a custom study provides insight into buyers’ values and perceived needs.


In the Phoenix metro area, Belfiore Real Estate Consulting offers KnowledgeBase, a market research tool for those interested in the latest available market information. KnowledgeBase consists of a primary monthly market publication, submarket data updates, regular one to three page write-ups on current industry topics, and invites to BREC’s exclusive quarterly events — as detailed below:

  • Every month subscribers receive a copy of Current and Future Market Insights (Sample). These reports contain detailed Metro Area Housing Analyses and data by Submarket. Employment growth data, population data, closing data, foreclosure data, traffic data, net new home and speculative price change data, incentive data, and speculative inventory data are included, as well as an executive summary and forecast section.
  • Every month subscribers receive a Submarket Data Update, a summary of data points collected by BREC.
  • Subscribers receive occasional, professional “blogs” on various industry-related subjects.
  • Invitations to Belfiore Real Estate Consulting’s quarterly Market Update Presentation and Roundtable Discussions. These 90 minute, informal market update and roundtable discussions provide you with updated market information and a forum in which to interact with other residential real estate market professionals.

Call BREC today to join the growing list of subscribers.

Speaking Engagements

Belfiore Real Estate Consulting is regularly called upon to update business professionals on current market conditions. President Jim Belfiore has spoken throughout the United States and would enjoy speaking to your group. Please call or email to schedule.